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You try not to worry about your plastics resin costs being uncompetitive.

But you do. And you should.


Your plastics suppliers tell you their technical assistance is “Free”

That doesn’t mean there is no “Cost”


You’re not sure your plastics packaging costs are under control.

You’re probably right.


You paid millions to buy a plastics processor.

But you’re letting existing management optimize their largest cost – resin.


Understanding the U.S. plastics market can be frightening.

It doesn’t have to be.


Increase the Value of Your Current or Future Plastics Processing Operations

Information is everywhere on the Internet today, but free information and good advice are rarely the same thing. With all of the time demands from customer requests and day-to-day operations challenges you don’t always have the time to step back and focus on many of the important things that help to increase the value of your company. Count on Mathelin Bay to help you focus attention on the key areas that make plastics processing operations more profitable. Contact us today to learn more.

Benchmark Your Plastics Supply Chain Performance or Explore New Plastics Processing Markets

If you are buying plastics resins yourself or buying finished plastics packaging products, the ability to benchmark your plastics supply chain performance is a vital first step toward being able to improve it. And if you are looking to enter a market for a polymer that is new to your company or considering expanding your current operations into a new geographic area such as the U.S., Mathelin Bay can help you with the process. Contact us today to learn more.

Plastics Resins are Typically the Largest Cost at a Plastics Processing Company

Plastics resins normally represent 40% to 60% or more of the Cost of Goods Sold at a plastics processor. Even small losses in terms of plastics costs or the quality of those raw materials can have a disproportionately large negative impact on the current profitability of a company and longer-term on its potential sales price. Yet, many plastics processors have been following the same supply chain strategies for years or decades. As a result, many plastics processors have left money on the table that can often be retrieved following good benchmarking of current supply chain operations and some simple, robust strategies for improvement.

For middle market private equity companies looking to buy or currently owning a plastics processor and leaving oversight of their largest Cost of Goods Sold category solely to current management there is a different set of challenges in getting peak plastics supply chain performance without outside expertise.

For companies buying plastics packaging, but not buying plastics resins themselves, the potential barriers to success can be even more challenging. Pricing for plastics resins can be very confusing if your company is buying plastics packaging without fully understanding the plastics market and how to best affect it through or with the assistance of your plastics packaging suppliers. Third party plastics resin pricing indexes are often used to correlate plastics packaging price changes with monthly changes in plastics resin prices—but improperly using such price indexes can potentially cost plastics packaging buyers millions of a additional dollars per year. Contact us today to learn more.